What is Kanban Board at Project Management?

Dec 9, 2020, 10:32:34

Often people at the start of their day, have plenty of things to do that constantly disturbs them in the back of their heads. They keep on doing side tasks like replying to text messages, emails, missed calls and so on, which piles up the things for the day. This can get a lot stressful and unproductive. The project management software market is seeing a growth in Agile methodologies that is like a helping hand to us. Agile practices are now expanding into many industries like marketing, architecture and many more.

What do a 1940s Japanese multinational automotive – Toyota and many modern software companies have in common? They use Kanban Boards for having an improved workflow, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency. Let’s see what is a Kanban methodology.

📌 What is a Kanban Methodology?

The modern Kanban system evolved from Toyota’s lean manufacturing and production process, developed in the mid-20th century, is a great system to visualize workflow and manage to-dos.

“Kan” means visible or visual and “ban” means a card or board. Toyota plants use these cards of the Kanban methodology to keep inventory management lean. It promotes items working steadily through the process stage, that regulates the work in progress (WIP). It makes a better chance of focusing on the tasks at hands and a better chance of finishing the tasks they have already begun. Thus, it gives a chance for better optimizing each person’s day, quicker delivery time, and marking off items when done. Kanban also highlights notable improvement over sweeping, system-wide changes.

📌 Kanban for Project Managers

As a project manager, if you come across Kanban, you will realize it provides what all you are looking for. Why? Because with Kanban, you will be always be working on the most important activities first. How? Because of the following six core Kanban practices, it makes the process smoother.
  • Visualize your work: Visualizing the work is simple with great insights. Kanban board makes it clear to visualize the workflow of the team.
  • Limit work in progress: Work in progress is the sum of all parts of the workflow. Kanban project management is keen on limiting work in progress encouraging teams to work together to resolve any bottlenecks and work more effectively.
  • Manage flow: With Kanban, project managers can more actively manage the workflow. It focuses more on finishing tasks quickly and less on getting started on something quickly.
  • Make policies explicit: Kanban board has different categories of work like urgent, priority, fixed date etc.. Setting service level policies will reduce rework and bring in more flexibility.
  • Implement feedback loops: The feedback loops make it easy to compare final outcomes with actual outcomes to make any adjustments. In Kanban, feedback is implemented between teams for better delivery.
  • Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally: As the teams can visualize the workflow on Kanban, the team can improve the work in progress collaboratively. They can discuss the issue, suggest changes.
With Kanban, you focus on flow and completing tasks.

📌 How to Use Kanban in Project Management

Kanban board is becoming a popular project collaboration tool to help teams analyze processes and achieve greater task management efficiencies. This comprehensive strategy will build, manage and complete your projects. Being aligned with agile and lean methodology, Kanban works with many different types of projects.

See how Kanban helps in project management to deliver faster with great quality.

📌 Resource allocation

The goal of a project manager is to bring their team and stakeholders on the same page at all time and have agreeable resource allocation. Kanban helps in creating tasks and then assigning it to team members. The purpose lies in the maximum utilization of each and every person. The right people doing the right job. With task allocation to people of the team, it gives a guarantee of completing the project on schedule, prioritizing the work, and can be done without delaying anything important.

The Kanban cards are your tasks and the board is the steps to take the task from start to finish. See how your project management gets on track whenever a new project task is introduced in the workflow.

📌 View multiple tasks in one place

Kanban boards give a complete visual overview of every project to represent work and help with how workflows. The boards keep everything in place to provide quick way asses to what needs to be done right now and what can be done later. It makes it difficult to manage when you have to write down every detail about the project in notepads. Kanban gives a clear insight to map your own workflow, understand status and progress, and communicate information in a way that is transparent.

📌 Give a boost to your productivity

With so many things on your mind, it becomes harder to stay on track. How do you stay productive without having a perfect schedule? On Kanban boards, project managers can typically review a project schedule, assign tasks, and discuss issues to get everything successfully completed. Kanban is the ultimate way to boost your productivity when you are working on multiple projects and different teams. You’ll focus your attention on important tasks, you’ll be less disoriented as you’ll be now visualizing your success on Kanban project management software.

📌 Bring order to your life as a whole

Not only productivity, but Kanban boards can also be an effective time management tool as well. We wrongly assume project management software as a solution for a client project, it can do a lot for your tasks and schedules. Schedule your work hours to improve your productivity outside work.

📌 Workflow management

Kanban board is like a work optimization tool ideal for visualizing the workflow of any project. Kanban boards are a popular project management tool to work for you and your team. The virtual workflow boards will determine your tasks, milestones, and make it clear for you to visualize the workflow. Be keeping everyone on the same page, it can be used to quickly convey information about scheduling, priority tasks, add files, delegation, and a whole lot more.

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