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Organisify is inspired by the way to facilitate the workflow and business process. It brings people together to work through problems, easily plan and organize the process, move ideas forward and learn from each other along the way. Collaborate effectively, hit deadlines and achieve high-performance results.

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Projects & Tasks Management, Statistics & Analytics

Projects & Tasks Management

Create projects and within them assign tasks to the members or teams. Determine deadline and priority for each task. Approve or disapprove task resolutions. Keep tasks organized (opened, in progress, in review, closed).

Statistics & Analytics

Check monthly and yearly statistics & analytics for organisation or member. View workflow, projects and tasks history or current progress and use charts analyzation.

Workflow Management (HRM)

Create and maintain full working schedule for organisation. Keep the track of the working schedule with calendar. Check-in to work and check-out from work. Submit working reports at work check-outs. Create plans for future work.

Members & Teams Management

Invite members to the organisation. Determine rights for each member (project manager, task manager, ...). Create and add members to the teams.
Workflow Management (HRM), Members & Teams Management
Communication & Conversations, Announcements & Notifications

Communication & Conversations

Use real-time chat to communicate with members. Create and add members or teams to the chat groups. Use comment sections at tasks, announcement and events to open conversations with other members. Post your activity to the activity stream.

Announcements & Notifications

Publish important announcements to the organisation. Receive notifications directly into your account inbox and email inbox. Keep track of the oldest and newest notifications.

Events Management

Create public or private events. Invite members or teams to the private events. Choose to attend or not attend to the events. Keep track of the events with calendar.

Files Management

Use online cloud to create your own storage with folders and files. Manage public or private folders and files within them. Download and edit files at any time.
Events Management

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